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Denisovan (App)
Android App (Artist's Book)

Android 2.0 or Higher Download Link

Please note that while this app once existed in iTunes for iPad, it is no longer available due to a recent requirement by Apple to bring older apps up to date on the newest apple products. Since I am a "one woman show", and pursuing other new projects, I've elected to no longer pursue mobile apps at this time.


Denisovan is an artist's book about a long-lost contemporary of early humans, and the hypothetical circumstances surrounding her death.

Although the story is fictional, the premise is real. In 2010, bone fragments were found in Denisova Cave in Siberia. By mapping the ancient DNA, researchers from the Max Planck Institution for Evolutionary Anthropology discovered that the fragments belonged to neither early humans nor neanderthals, but to a whole new individual: the Denisovan hominin.

The narrator ponders her concern for the Denisovan child who died 40,000 years ago, and wonders at the evolution of family and motherhood. This experimental work features rich graphics, animations and interactivity along with the narrative.

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