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Fuzzy Pictures
Mixed media over digital prints on watercolor color paper. 20" x 24" and 30" x 36", 2007-2008.

Fuzzy Pictures began the summer of 2006 in the village of Les Olives, Spain. I found myself contemplating my upcoming marriage and job change, which led to my reconsideration of my childhood memories and dreams. My dreams have always had a (sometimes frustratingly) large impact on my waking life. In my contemplations, I found that my dreams and memories sometimes merged and distorted one another.

These works are illustrations of these merged memories/dreams and are further merged with my waking critique upon them. Archetypes and myths unite with historical events and present the hazy quality of memory as sharp and transformative. They are all archival inkjet prints on Arches watercolor paper, which are then reworked in various media including ink and watercolor. Framed, these works are all 20" x 24” and 30” x 36”.