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Digital print on cotton sateen, mounted on voile, 100” x 48” x 3” (includes animation on LCD TV)
Also available as a digital print on watercolor paper, 36” x 30”

“I fear fatherhood. I mean, I’m not yet having a son, but when I was younger I never saw myself having children. I wondered if I would be too aloof, if I would be like my own father, not making much of an imprint on things one way or another. What if my kid and I never connected? Or what if we shared a deep connection and then one day they just somehow become lost to me. Would I be able to let the thought of him/her go? Or would it feel like a limb ripped from its socket, twitching and painful, and unbearable. Anyway, at some point, I decided It would be worth the risk, and hopefully, some day I will be the father that I want to be.” -- Anonymous

Personal Demon - Seahorse
Personal Demon - Seahorse