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Desktop App (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Mosaic is an experiment in digital divination created in collaboration with Tres Henry.

Mosaic can be downloaded for free from

Running Mosaic and casting a chart
For an overview of using Mosaic , including the consecration process, watch the first five minutes of this video.

Like traditional cartomancy systems such as the Tarot, Mosaic uses pictures on tiles for interpretation. Each tile is split in half and shuffled by the diviner using a physics-based shuffling system. The foreground and background colors are randomized as well. These correspond with the elements: red for fire, yellow for air, blue for water, and green for earth. The diviner then presses the spacebar to set the tiles. Tiles can be highlighted to view chains of matches, and a 'little white book' includes interpretation suggestions.

Interpreting a Mosaic chart
For an example of using Mosaic for a reading (in this case, answering the question, “What does the world need to know about Twitter in 2023?”) watch the remainder of the video here.