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Archival prints on vinyl. 84" x 144" and 22" x 30. The smaller prints are examples of steps in the process of collaboration between team members. (Produced by the Charlotte Team at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the Los Angeles Team at Woodbury College.)

Two Queen Cities
Collaboration with José Gaméz, Ramon Ramirez, graduate students from UNC Charlotte, and advanced painting students from Woodbury College in Los Angeles. Digital prints on vinyl, 84" x 144", 2008.

A Tale of Two Queen Cities, is a cross-coastal collaborative digital print series. "A Tale of Two Queen Cities" explores the impacts of Latino immigration upon the cultural landscapes of two distinct but related locations: Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA. This project organized a group of UNC-Charlotte students to create a digital mural parallel to those created by students at Woodbury College in California. All images were created collaboratively by José Gaméz (UNC-Charlette, Architecture), Heather D. Freeman (UNC-Charlotte, Art and Art History), Stephanie Orlich, Ronna Gardner and Meghan Meyers (UNC-Charlotte, Architecture Graduate Students) on the Charlotte end and Ramon Ramirez (Woodbury College - Art), Emily Cheng, Clinton Evans, John Huey, Eric Lopez, Chris Parsell, Vestalis Pizzaro and Hector Solis (Woodbury College - Advanced Painting Students) on the Los Angeles end. The Charlotte end of this project was funded by a Chancellor's Diversity Challenge Grant from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. The online collaboration can be tracked at

The catalogue for the show can be downloaded from here.

2QC Exhibit Views - Storrs Gallery
2QC Exhibit Views - Storrs Gallery