2D > Automatic Evo-divinations (2016 - 2017)

The Automatic Evo-divinations are inspired by the art and writings of surrealist Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988). [Please visit IthellColquhoun.co.uk and the forthcoming book Decad of Intelligence from FULGUR.

Colquhoun employed automatism in her creative processes, often employing diverse materials including collage, fumage, and frottage. My discovery of Colquhoun’s creative process dovetailed with my study of diverse divination methods such as plumbomancy (shapes of molten lead dropped in water), turifumy (shapes in smoke), and various forms of cartomancy (the Tarot being but one example).

To formalize a systematic creative practice using these methods, I began a series of daily “Automatic Evo-divinations”; that is, automatic drawings that divined a localized evocation, or calling of a spirit, deity, or entity. As an academic, secularist, and rationalist, I found this process very challenging at first, since it required a high degree of suspended disbelief. But as I grew accustomed to an automatic process of drawing, I soon found the practice a way of connecting to a more playful and child-like way of viewing the world –- balanced with all the advantages of maturity, wisdom, and self-critique. This practice has called attention to my own rationalist understanding of belief, magic, and the existence of the ineffable, challenging these, even as it both breaks down parts of it, and enforces others.

These images are all graphite drawings on 4” x 6” paper. The under-images combine digital prints, watercolor, gauche, and charcoal. There are 112 drawings in this series, and 11 'blank' drawings.