Older Works > Two Queen Cities - 2008

Two Queen Cities
Collaboration with José Gaméz, Ramon Ramirez, graduate students from UNC Charlotte, and advanced painting students from Woodbury College in Los Angeles. Digital prints on vinyl, 84" x 144", 2008.

A Tale of Two Queen Cities, is a cross-coastal collaborative digital print series. "A Tale of Two Queen Cities" explores the impacts of Latino immigration upon the cultural landscapes of two distinct but related locations: Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA. This project organized a group of UNC-Charlotte students to create a digital mural parallel to those created by students at Woodbury College in California. All images were created collaboratively by José Gaméz (UNC-Charlette, Architecture), Heather D. Freeman (UNC-Charlotte, Art and Art History), Stephanie Orlich, Ronna Gardner and Meghan Meyers (UNC-Charlotte, Architecture Graduate Students) on the Charlotte end and Ramon Ramirez (Woodbury College - Art), Emily Cheng, Clinton Evans, John Huey, Eric Lopez, Chris Parsell, Vestalis Pizzaro and Hector Solis (Woodbury College - Advanced Painting Students) on the Los Angeles end. The Charlotte end of this project was funded by a Chancellor's Diversity Challenge Grant from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. The online collaboration can be tracked at twoqueencities.blogspot.com.

The catalogue for the show can be downloaded from Lulu.com here.